Kyrsten Stringer

Brand Content Manager, Re:wild


Master’s in Journalism, University of Regina School of Journalism
BA in English literature, University of Regina

Kyrsten Stringer is the Brand Content Manager at Re:wild. She has a background in journalism, big picture storytelling and social media management. Before joining the Re:wild team, Kyrsten was the Lead Editor of OH-Wake Magazine and the lead writer and researcher on the inaugural season of Lonely Whale’s podcast. She was also a primary editor on Wild Life!, a Re:wild book project. Kyrsten also worked closely with Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen as a Social Media Producer for SeaLegacy, supporting content creation, campaign strategy and management of social media accounts with followers in the millions. Kyrsten has a Master’s in Journalism from the University of Regina School of Journalism, and a BA in English literature. In 2017, She was a journalist and researcher on the award-winning “Price of Oil,” investigative journalism project, the largest of its kind in Canadian history at the time. Kyrsten has a passion for information, for language, and for the power of words. She lives in Saskatchewan, Canada with her dog.