Conservation Partners

Like the ecosystems we help restore, our work depends on relationships to thrive. They say that team work makes the dream work. Our dream is a thriving planet for all species. Our partnerships are what make that possible.

We believe that collaborative, local community-led conservation action is the key to successful and enduring change.


We are active members, and sometimes leaders, of critical alliances working to prioritize and protect biodiversity on a global level. We’re focused on conserving biodiversity, ending extinction, cultivating leadership, and protecting and restoring globally important wildlands.

IUCN Support

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is the world’s largest and most diverse environmental network, composed of both government and civil society organisations. We work closely with the following IUCN groups to leverage wildlife and wildland conservation impact globally.


Our Fiscal Sponsorship program provides administrative services and oversight, and assumes legal and financial responsibility for organizations, groups, and individuals engaged in work that furthers Re:wild’s mission. We often serve as an incubator and accelerator for conservation action around the world and provide a platform to bring visibility to solutions and best practices. If you are interested in exploring the fiscal sponsor model with Re:wild, please contact us at


Re:wild is honored to work with local organizations and Indigenous peoples who know the ecosystems and species they live among best.

Aichi Biodiversity Target 12

Alliance for Zero Extinction

African Primatological Society


Alianza Ceibo

Amas la Sierra

Amazon Biodiversity Center

IPAM Amazônia

Amazon Frontlines

American Bird Conservancy

Amphibian Ark

Amphibian Survival Alliance

Andes Amazon Fund

Anguilla National Trust

Aotearoa Foundation


Association des Guides d'Andasibe

Association Fanamby

Atelopus Survival Initiative

Atlas Technology Group

Aussie Ark

Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Bach Ma National Park

Bahamas National Trust

Baird’s Tapir Survival Alliance

Belize Audubon

Belize Fisheries Department

Belize Forest Department

Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center

BirdLife International

Borneo Nature Foundation

Bristol Zoological Society

Bush Heritage

California Wildlife Center

Carbon Cycle Institute

Center for Large Landscape Conservation

Center for the Conservation of Tropical Ungulates

Central American Commission for Environment and Development

Centre ValBio

Centro de Estudios Conservacionistas de la Universidad de San Carlos

Centro K’ayra/Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d’Orbigny

Chester Zoo



Colombian Herpetological Society

Colombian Initiative of Tapir Conservation

Colombian National Parks Authority

Colorado Plateau Foundation


Comite Civico Del Valle

Community Baboon Sanctuary

Congo Basin Institute

Conservación Amazónica - ACCA

Conservation International

Conservation International Bolivia

Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

D’Aboville Foundation

Defenders of Wildlife

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (Philippines)

Digital Democracy

Dublin Zoo

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Ecology Trust

Energy Independence Now (EIN)

Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Awareness Group

European Commission

European Union

Forests for Life

Fauna & Flora International

Fauna & Flora - Vietnam

FKL (Leuser Conservation Forum)

For the Fishes

Forest & Bird

Foundation for Wildlife Conservation

Fundacion Atelopus

Fundación Geoversity

Fundación Jocotoco

Fundación Rewilding Argentina

Fundacion Wirakoku


George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trust

Give Clearwater

Global Environment Facility

Global Fishing Watch

GRACE Gorillas


GRID Alternatives LA

Groupe d'Etude et de Recherche sur les Primates de Madagascar (GERP)

Haiti National Trust

HAkA (Forest Nature and Environment Aceh)

Helena Institute for Nature

Houston Zoo


Indigenous Climate Action

Indonesian Ministry of the Environment

Instituto Araguaia

Instituto Socioambiental


International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF)

International Conservation Fund of Canada

International Rhino Foundation

Island Conservation


IUCN SOS Lemur Fund

IUCN Species Survival Commission

IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group

IUCN SSC Asian Species Action Partnership (ASAP)

IUCN SSC Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group

IUCN SSC Climate Change Specialist Group

IUCN SSC Large-antlered Muntjac Working Group

IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group

IUCN SSC PSG Section on Great Apes

IUCN SSC PSG Section on Small Apes

IUCN SSC Saola Working Group

IUCN SSC Small Mammal Specialist Group

IUCN SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group

Jamaica Environment Trust

Jane Goodall Institute

Kaha Kamasa Foundation

Key Biodiversity Area Partnership

Kriol community

LA Compost

La Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras

LEAF (Leuser Ecosystem Action Fund)

Land is Life

Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research

Lemur Conservation Fund

Leon Levy Botanical Garden

Liberty Hill Foundation

Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership (MBP)

Margot Marsh Biodiversity Fund

Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Mesoamerican Alliance for People and Forests (AMPB)

MBCFI (Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc)

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund


Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park

Muriqui Instituto de Biodiversidade

Muriqui Project of Caratinga

Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d'Oribgny

National Geographic Society

National Wildlife Federation

Native Renewables

Natural Resources Defense Council


NDN Collective

New Zealand Department of Conservation

Next Foundation

Northern Rangelands Trust

Oceans 5 Collaborative



The Orangutan Project

Our Children's Trust

Pacific Wolf Coalition



Peregrine Fund (Madagascar)

Peruvian Herpetological Society

The Pine Ridge Girls School (Anpo Wicahpi)

Predator Free 2050 Ltd.

Preserve Muriqui

Primate Action Fund

PROCAT Colombia

Programme for Belize



R20 - Regions of Climate Action

Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Foundation Norway

Rainforest Trust

Rama community

Rama-Kriol Territorial Government


Red Colobus Conservation Network

The Regeneration Project and National Interfaith Power & Light Campaign

Rewilding Argentina


Royal Society for Protection of Birds

San Diego Zoo Global

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sequoia ForestKeeper

Shark Conservation Fund


Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition

Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation


Solutions Project

Southeast Alaska Indigenous Transboundary Commission

Southern Institute of Ecology

SOCP (Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme)


Sumatran Orangutan Society

Sumatran Rhino Survival Alliance

Synchronicity Earth

Tamaraw Conservation Program

The Tashinga Initiative

Te Rūnanga Arowhenua

Te Rūnanga Moeraki

Te Rūnanga Waihao

Tetiaroa Society



Trillion Trees

Tsavo Trust

Turtle Conservancy

Turtle Survival Alliance


United Tribes of Bristol Bay

Universidad de las Regiones Autónomas de la Costa Caribe Nicaragüense

University of Maryland

University of Belize Environmental Research Institute

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Urban Fishing Cat Project

US Fish and Wildlife

Utah Diné Bikéyah

Vinh University

Virunga National Park

Whitley Fund for Nature



Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

Wildlife Conservation Network

World Land Trust

World Wildlife Fund

Wroclaw Zoo

WWF Vietnam

Zambezi Elephant Fund

Zapata Breeding Facility

Zero Poaching Toolkit

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority

Zoo New England