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We work with 500+ partners in more than 80 countries.

As of 2022, Re:wild and partners are working together to conserve more than 460 million acres of the wild in 300+ areas around the world. Together, we are driving targeted conservation action for nearly 200 threatened species — conservation actions that benefit an additional 33,000 species in their respective ecosystems.

Re:wild Impact | 2022 Report

"Although the world continues to face incredible challenges at the hands of accelerating destruction of our natural world, we also know that the conservation and restoration of nature works, helping people, climate, and wildlife. Re:wild and our partners recognize the urgency of scaling up the conservation and restoration of wild places around the world. Our organizational model has enabled a revolutionary new way to accelerate solutions.

We invite you to join Re:wild and our partners to rewild our world. Our mission is for the planet, for people, and for nature. Thank you for all you do to support Re:wild and our partners."

- Wes Sechrest, Re:wild Board Chair and CEO & Leonardo DiCaprio, Re:wild Founding Board Member

Download a copy of our 2022 Impact Report.
Download a copy of our 2022 Impact Report.

Teamwork makes the wild work. 

Re:wild is an impact magnifier. We drive action and strategy in conservation as a central hub, a convener, building connections between the people, governments and organizations in positions to make massive, real-world impact.

Our strategies are driven by science and decades of field experience.

As human beings, we are motivated by compassion and empathy, a desire to protect and restore the wilder parts of our world for the sake of the wild itself, and so that future generations might inherit a whole Earth instead of a broken one; an Earth where the wild roars and has little cause to whimper. 

Support our efforts to protect and restore the wild.

Support our efforts to protect and restore the wild. Re:wild pledges that 100% of all efforts and donations go directly to the people and places with the biggest impact for biodiversity. Every dollar invested in Re:wild's work is estimated to return $110 worth of benefits when you put a dollar value on the services biodiversity provides.

Download our 2022 Impact Report.

By supporting Re:wild, you support proven solutions, which work to restore and enhance the planet’s innate ability to heal itself — and people too.

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Re:wild has consistently earned a four-star ranking with Charity Navigator. Give with confidence, knowing that your donation will support conservation work on the ground.

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Re:wild believes national and local organizations and individuals are the strongest leaders for on-the-ground conservation.


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As an organization founded to restore and protect the wild, we have long advocated that biodiversity is the most effective solution to the climate crisis.