teamwork makes the wild work

Photo by Nguyen Van Truong

"It is clear that the interwoven climate, biodiversity, and human wellbeing crises are greater than any one individual, government, or group can solve alone. To build a livable, thriving planet, we must work together, forging new and innovative collaborations to leverage the talent, passion, resources, and influence of all those who care."

- from Re:wild CEO Wes Sechrest & Founding Board Member Leonardo DiCaprio's letter in Re:wild's 2021 Impact Report

Teamwork makes the wild work. 

Re:wild is an impact magnifier. We drive action and strategy in conservation as a central hub, a convener, building connections between the people, governments and organizations in positions to make massive, real-world impact.

In 2021, Re:wild and partners helped conserve 231 million acres, maintaining the sequestration of more than 63 billion metric tons of carbon. We have over 200 active project sites in more than 80 countries where we are driving direct conservation action for over 160 threatened species and leveraging support for an additional 30,000 species.

Our strategies are driven by science and decades of field experience. As human beings, we are motivated by compassion and empathy, a desire to protect and restore the wilder parts of our world for the sake of the wild itself, and so that future generations might inherit a whole Earth instead of a broken one; an Earth where the wild roars and has little cause to whimper. 

We expanded our impact in 2021 by growing our portfolio of sites and species and our relationships with conservation partners. Either by direct engagement in conservation efforts, or via indirect support through granting mechanisms, we are helping to conserve a total area two and a half times the size of the US State of California.

Support our efforts to protect and restore the wild

Support our efforts to protect and restore the wild. The wild is for the 100%, and we are 100% committed to ensuring that it persists and prospers. Re:wild pledges that 100% of all efforts and donations go directly to the people and places with the biggest impact for biodiversity. By supporting Re:wild, you support proven solutions, which work to restore and enhance the planet’s innate ability to heal itself—and all of us! 

Every dollar invested in protecting and restoring biodiversity safeguards $110 worth of benefits - a truly wild return on investment!  

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