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Photo by Jennifer Guyton

The wild is extraordinary, not just in its breadth and beauty, but also in its ability to heal our planet. Re:wild has a singular and powerful focus: the wild as the most effective solution to the interconnected climate, biodiversity and pandemic crises.

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Re:wild is a force multiplier that brings together Indigenous peoples, local communities, influential leaders, nongovernmental organizations, governments, companies and the public to protect and rewild at the scale and speed we need. Our vital work is conserving 180 million acres benefitting more than 16,000 species in the world’s most irreplaceable places for biodiversity.

We don’t need to reinvent the planet. We need to rewild it—for all wildkind.

2020 Impact Report

We significantly expanded our impact in 2020 by growing our portfolio of sites and species and our relationships with conservation partners. Either by direct engagement in conservation efforts, or via indirect support through granting mechanisms, we are helping to conserve a total area two and a half times the size of the US State of California.

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