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The wild is extraordinary. Beyond its colorful animals, plants, fungi and mesmerizing landscapes, what makes the wild so powerful is that it exists around and within us all. It isn’t restricted by political borders. The wild is for the 100%. The wild is alive beneath the cool shade of a tree at the end of the block, just as it is in the most untamed parts of the Amazon. Our livelihood and the health of our planet depends on the wild. We all play a role in protecting it. We don’t need to reinvent the planet. We just need to rewild it.


Funga Kingdom

There’d be no life on Earth without fungi: the yeasts, molds and mushrooms that are the great connectors, decomposers and regenerators. They ensure that forests grow, help mammals (like us!) digest food, sequester carbon, cycle nutrients, and provide us with antibiotics, bread, beer and chocolate.

Our Impact

180+ million acres actively conserved

47 conservation areas created

100 threatened species actively conserved

16,000+ species benefitting

400+ partners in 88 countries

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