Our plan

Life on Earth, in all its myriad forms, sustains us.

Re:wild and partners are working to protect and restore the wild, not just as something beautiful and wondrous to be saved, but also as the most important and effective solution to protecting biodiversity, stabilizing climate, and increasing human wellbeing.

2030 Strategic Plan

We have four overaching goals.

Goal 1: Protect and restore the world's most irreplaceable places.
Goal 2: Conserve and recover the world's most threatened species.
Goal 3: Help embolden and equip the world's conservation guardians.
Goal 4: Build a global movement to catalyze action at scale.

These goals are supported by ten targets:

  1. Creating New Conservation Areas: Enable the official designation of protected and conserved areas and recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ territories in 400 million acres of the most important places for biodiversity.

  2. Managing Areas for Conservation Impact: Carry out targeted interventions that lead to more effective and equitable management in 100 million acres of the most important places for biodiversity.

  3. Recovering Species: Support the recovery of 500 priority species and contribute to conservation efforts for an additional 50,000 species.

  4. Restoring Ecosystems and Species: Enable the recovery and restoration of 10 million acres of critical ecosystems and 200 priority species in the most important places for biodiversity across the globe.

  5. Cultivating Conservation Leaders: Collaborate with over 50 partner organizations in at least 25 countries to further strengthen their ability to deliver high-impact conservation results.

  6. Supporting Delivery of National Commitments to Global Targets: Support 25 countries to identify threatened species and Key Biodiversity Areas to help achieve their Global Biodiversity Framework targets.

  7. Funding Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities Directly: Channel at least 20% of Re:wild’s land and water conservation funding portfolio directly to Indigenous Peoples, as well as local communities.

  8. Building a Movement: Create and promote stories that will have an Annual Potential Reach of 15 billion, mobilizing a constituency of 1+ million people, resulting in global support for our conservation goals.

  9. Advocating for Earth: Advocate on the major drivers of biodiversity loss to influence key stakeholders, resulting in positive changes for global conservation goals.

  10. Scaling up Conservation Funding: Raise $100 million annually to support our programmatic work with partners and inspire commitments of at least $10 billion in global funding.

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Teamwork makes the wild work. 

Re:wild is an impact magnifier. We drive action and strategy in conservation as a central hub, a convener, building connections between the people, governments and organizations in positions to make massive, real-world impact.

Support our efforts to protect and restore the wild. Re:wild pledges that 100% of all efforts and donations go directly to the people and places with the biggest impact for biodiversity. Every dollar invested in Re:wild's work is estimated to return $110 worth of benefits when you put a dollar value on the services biodiversity provides.

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By supporting Re:wild, you support proven solutions, which work to restore and enhance the planet’s innate ability to heal itself — and people too.

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