Re:wild protects and restores the wild to build a thriving Earth where all life flourishes. Our model is unique because our Board covers all of Re:wild’s operational expenses* so that the donations of all of our additional supporters go 100% to our programs. Our impact around the world is made possible by the generous contributions and shared commitment of all of our dedicated supporters. Our commitment to programmatic impact has allowed us to earn the highest ratings from nonprofit watchdog groups, such as Charity Navigator - which gives us their highest rating, 4 stars, for organizational charity efficiency in financial health, accountability, and transparency.

Our annual reports and financial reports give us the opportunity to report to you, the people who support us and make our work possible, on our important achievements with partners. However, our story is far broader and deeper than we can convey in concise reports. We partner with individuals, nongovernmental organizations, Indigenous and local communities, government agencies, corporations, and foundations to accomplish our mission. Over this past year, Re:wild has partnered on hundreds of projects in more than 90 countries around the world, and is involved in some of the most important global conservation partnerships.

Discover how Re:wild is working with people and our partners to protect wildlife and ecosystems around the world.

Note: Global Wildlife Conservation and Re:wild have the same EIN (tax ID)

*defined by the IRS as General and Administrative and Fundraising costs, so all of the organization’s non-programmatic costs