Alberto Andrade

Leader, Frente Insular

    Alberto Andrade is the leader of Frente Insular de la Reserva Marina de Galápagos--a movement to protect the Galápagos' marine ecosystems--and a community promoter and communicator. He has lived on Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos for more than 30 years. Alberto came to the Galápagos Islands to work in tourism, and later in the fishing sector. His work near and on the sea revealed to him the threats to the ocean, especially plastic garbage and illegal fishing.

    Andrade encourages children, youth and adults to commit to the protection of the oceans and to become ambassadors for conservation actions. He is believes that all the efforts to protect the unique Galápagos Island are critical.

    Andrade understands the importance of the conservation of the Galápagos Marine Reserve, especially for its ecosystem benefits not only for the local community, but for all Ecuadorians and the world.


    El Frente Insular for the Galápagos Marine Reserve was founded in August 2017, when a group of Galápagos citizens organized a demonstration against the incursion of a Chinese-flagged ship to the Galápagos Islands. This ship was carrying 300 tons of protected species that had been fished, including different species of sharks.

    Since then, the movement has become a benchmark for conservation and social action in the community.

    Frente Insular's current flagship projects are:

    Campaign for the expansion of the Galápagos Marine Reserve: Together with other organizations such as Island Conservation and Más Galapagos initiative, has been carried out communication activities, environmental education for the conservation of the oceans and protection of the Marine Reserve and its expansion.

    Coastal cleanup campaign: This campaign focuses on trash clean-up, since marine litter is common in the Galápagos. These activities raise awareness among community members and provides opportunities to make a difference for individuals of all ages, kids and adults. The campaign has helped bring attention to the threat of marine litter on the local, national and international levels and helped bring together the support of many organizations for this cause.

    Hope campaign: This is a campaign that began with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Galápagos has been affected considerably because almost 80% of its inhabitants depend on tourism, which has been nearly non-existent since the start of the pandemic. This campaign has brought together the efforts of different sectors--including farmers and fishermen--to distribute food for families, strengthening the principles of a circular and sustainable economy. Many organizations and individuals have joined in this cause in the spirit of “working in community for the community.”

    "The Galapagos Marine Reserve is a long-term savings bank for all of us."

    - Alberto Andrade