Planet Rewild

New Original Series: Planet Rewild

What would the world look like if we let natural ecosystems flourish? In the new Snap Original, Planet Rewild, join 2 Chainz on a journey to discover how we can protect and rewild our planet — starting at home. Produced by Snap and Re:wild, the show features Team Re:wild members like Giuliana Furci and Esteban Brenes-Mora. New episodes every Thursday!

The full series is only available on Snap! If you are in the U.S., click here.

For viewers outside the U.S., click here.

Episode 2: Mushrooms Episode 3: Poop Episode 4: Food Episode 5: Keystone Species Episode 6: Fast Fashion Episode 7: Wildfires Episode 8: Rewild Your Life Episode 9: Wildlife Corridors Episode 10: Bugs

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  3. Using the in-app camera, take a photo of the snap code (the yellow square) found here for U.S. or here for international by tapping once on the white circle at the bottom of the screen.

  4. A pop-up will show a button saying "Open."

  5. Enjoy the show and share with your friends!