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Cover photo © Chien C. Lee

We wrote a wild book!

At Re:wild, we love to nerd out about the incredible characteristics of species—especially the “underfrogs,” those lesser-known, weird and wonderful animals that make our planet awesome. So when Simon & Schuster approached us to create a book to share this awesomeness with the world, we said YES. This is a fun and interesting read and also a perfect gift for older kids and adults (especially the ones who are impossible to shop for). 

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"Wild Life! takes us on a fact-based ride through the wild and wonderful world of species that are little known, seldom seen, and in need of more love. Geek out over these animals—they’ll definitely grab your attention and take you to places you didn’t know existed."

- CARL SAFINA, author of Becoming Wild: How Animal Cultures Raise Families, Create Beauty, and Achieve Peace

Photo © Cristian Sepúlveda C.

Photo © Cristian Sepúlveda C.

The people behind this animal story

Often the facts about these species are found in scientific journals and textbooks, but we wanted our book to feel like you’re hanging out with a super knowledgeable (and pretty funny) friend. That’s why we brought on BuzzFeed writer Syd Robinson to help us out. We also made the decision to feature people too—each chapter (organized by continent) not only features fascinating species, but also the amazing people who work every day to protect, care for, and raise awareness about them. 

While Syd did the bulk of the writing, our team worked on the facts and sourcing photos. At Re:wild, we never do anything alone and this project showed just how many friends we are so truly lucky to have. THANK YOU to the scientists, photographers, experts, text editors, photo editors, and so many others along the way who have helped us create Wild Life! A special thanks to Adrian Grenier, Leah Thomas, and Karrueche Tran for the shoutouts on our cover.

This book is dedicated to Nemonte Nenquimo whose bold spirit inspires us to listen to the Indigenous peoples who are guardians of our planet, and to cherish and protect our profound connection with the wild and all of life on Earth.

Special Thanks

This may not be a giant book, but the effort behind it was! This book could not have been possible without the help of the following people!

  • Abdullahi H. Ali

  • Agustín Schiariti

  • Albert Bertolero

  • Alexei V. Abramov

  • Amirrudin B. Ahmad

  • Amy Deane

  • Amy Moran

  • Andrea Pi.ones

  • Andrew Smith

  • Andrew Tilker

  • Andy Gluesenkamp

  • Anya Ratnayaka

  • Arif Setiawan

  • Axel Hochkirch

  • Badru Mugerwa

  • Barb Taylor

  • Barney Long

  • Benoit Dodelin

  • Bradley Watson

  • Brodie Chiswick

  • Bronwyn Jeynes

  • Carlos Henrique Salvador

  • Carlos Nores

  • Cecil Jennings

  • Chien C. Lee

  • Chris Bowden

  • Chris Jordan

  • Clay Bolt

  • Clive Evans

  • Cynthia Smith

  • David Jeggo

  • David Priddel

  • David Sischo

  • Day B Ligon

  • Deborah Pardo

  • Denise Risch

  • Denise Thompson

  • Douglas Krause

  • Douglas M. Richardson

  • Edward Louis

  • Eli Wyman

  • Emmanuel Schütz

  • Esteban Brenes-Mora

  • Eva Pisano

  • Hugo Alejandro Herrera Gomez

  • Ian Hogg

  • Indraneil Das

  • Inger Perkins

  • Jacob Marlin

  • Jacqueline D. Litzgus

  • Jake Osborne

  • James Burton

  • Jan Schipper

  • Jenny Daltry

  • Jessica Lee

  • James M. Dietz

  • Jim Sanderson

  • John Sparks

  • John Zichy-Woinarski

  • Jon Paul Rodríguez

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  • Jörg Freyhof

  • José Tavares

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  • Joshua M. Guilbert

  • Juan Herrero

  • Julian Kerbis Peterhans

  • Julie Harvey

  • Karen Strier

  • Keri Parker

  • Kristina Martz

  • Laura Ghigliotti

  • Lauren Augustine

  • Leandro Castello

  • Li Ling Ho

  • Lina Valencia

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  • Liza Fowler

  • Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho

  • Marianne Hartmann-Furter

  • Marina Rutovskaya

  • Maurice La Haye

  • Mic Mayhew

  • Michael McFadden

  • Michelle LaRue

  • Milton Yacelga

  • Minh Le

  • Natalia Rossi

  • Nerida G. Wilson

  • Nerissa Chao

  • Nicholas M. Teets

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  • Peter Paul van Dijk

  • Petra Kovač-Konrad

  • PJ Stephenson

  • Rachel Ashegbofe Ikemeh

  • Rhys Buckingham

  • Richard Griffiths

  • Richard Lewis

  • Richard Thorns

  • Rob Holm

  • Roberto Guidetti

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  • Roger Key

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  • Roopali Raghavan

  • Rosalind Kennerley

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  • Sandro Lovari

  • Sarah Lamar

  • Scott Johnson

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  • Sectionov Inov

  • Serene Chng

  • Sonja Luz

  • Stephen P. Kirkman

  • Sula Vanderplank

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  • Teresa Camacho Badani

  • Thành Nguyên Van

  • Thomas M. Butynski

  • Thomas Rainwater

  • Tim Davenport

  • Tim Faulkner

  • Tom Espinoza

  • Treya Picking

  • Vicky Wilkins

We would also like to thank the following Re:wild editors: Carrie Hutchison, Barney Long, Robin Moore (whose photo graces the cover!), Devin Murphy, Lindsay Renick Mayer, Kyrsten Stringer, and Wes Sechrest. Thank you also to Macson McGuigan for his critical role in pulling the photos for this book together.