ilin island cloudrunner

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ilin island cloudrunner
Scientific Name: CRATEROMYS PAULUSLast Seen: 1953 IN THE PHILIPPINESYear Found: TBDYears Lost: 67Red List Status: Data Deficient

The Ilin Island Cloudrunner is only known from one individual purchased at a market on the Philippines’ Ilin Island. The species was “found” in the collection at the Smithsonian Museum decades after it was donated. Although surveys with local communities have not revealed knowledge of the species, there are some unverified reports from southern Mindoro. Scientists don’t know anything about the cloudrunner’s habitat or ecology, but believe that if it is still out there it occurs in lowland forest.

In 2019, Re:wild funded a week-long survey by the Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. (MBCFI). It was the first survey specifically organized to search for this species. Although there was no sign of the cloudrunner this time, Re:wild has already helped MBCFI set up more camera traps for an extended period of time to continue the search.



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