lost species: by the numbers

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From the dark depths of the ocean to the bottom of running freshwater rivers, from the lush jungles of the tropics, to the seemingly barren wastelands of the desert, the Search for Lost Species is exploring some of the most remote and uncharted wild places on Earth. We’ll be searching in some of the planet’s forgotten biodiversity-rich places, providing opportunities for GWC to do what it does best: work with partners on the ground to protect species across habitats.

Explore lost species "by the numbers" below - infographics behind the list of lost species that highlight the types of species, where they live and how long they've been lost.

Over the coming months we are raising support to send these expeditions in search of lost species, and you can help get our teams out into the field. Make a donation, become an institutional partner and learn more ways to get involved. Want more info? Contact us.