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Hollywood Actor Adrian Grenier Hosts Wild Night For Wildlife Gala In Austin

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Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC) changed its name to Re:wild in 2021

Global Wildlife Conservation’s Event Raises Awareness of Critical Plight of Rhinos, Elephants and Other Endangered Wildlife

(Photo by: Barney Long)

Hollywood actor Adrian Grenier, Texas-based Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC), and leaders in Austin’s business community are stepping up to save the last 100 living Sumatran rhinos this Earth Day. During GWC’s Wild Night for Wildlife event between 7 p.m. and midnight Friday, April 22, at Brazos Hall, guests will take their selfies in front of a photograph of one of the few remaining Sumatran rhinos. Gin Blossoms will be performing their classic hits at the event.

“This exciting event is meant to celebrate the majesty of the plants and animals we share this planet with, and also to draw attention to the urgency of imminent species extinction if we do not take action,” said Wes Sechrest, Ph.D., chief scientist and CEO of Global Wildlife Conservation. “Illegal poaching has decimated species such as rhinos for their horns in Africa and Asia, giant rainforest mahogany trees, and lesser known animals like pangolins. GWC and our supporters are committed to preserving biodiversity, the fabric of all life.”

Illegal wildlife trade is the world’s fourth largest black market, with traders often intimately linked with networks involved in the trafficking of weapons, people and drugs. GWC and partners have adopted a Zero Poaching approach for a group of species imperiled by poaching, with the goal of preventing poaching of any wildlife in GWC’s target areas. GWC protects endangered species through the creation of sanctuaries, anti-poaching efforts, cutting-edge research and exploration, and conservation leadership training around the globe.

“The funds we raise at our Wild Night for Wildlife will help GWC and partner organizations find innovative ways to save wildlife such as the Sumatran rhino, one of the rarest mammals in the world,” said Brian Sheth, board chair of Global Wildlife Conservation. Sheth is co-founder and president of Austin-based Vista Equity Partners. “We provide rangers and conservationists in the field the resources that they need to be effective, such as using cutting-edge technologies to find and consolidate the last remaining Sumatran rhinos in protected forests.”

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Photo by Barney Long.

About Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier ​is an actor, filmmaker, entrepreneur and social advocate born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and raised in New York City. As an actor he is best known for playing the iconic role of A-list movie star Vincent Chase in eight seasons of the HBO smash hit “Entourage,” broadening his work behind the camera as a documentary filmmaker through his company Reckless Productions. In December 2015, Adrian co-founded the Lonely Whale Foundation, whose mission is to raise awareness of the problems facing the oceans and marine wildlife and inspire people to take a stand against further damage.

About Global Wildlife Conservation

Global Wildlife Conservation protects endangered species and habitats through science-based field action. GWC envisions a world with diverse and abundant wildlife and are dedicated to ensuring that the species on the verge of extinction are not lost. The global organization brings together scientists, conservationists, policymakers and industry leaders to ensure a truly collaborative approach to species conservation. Learn more at

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