Conservation Works

Conservation works. Period.

Was there ever any doubt? Not here. As a science-based organization founded on the knowledge that the solutions to our most pressing challenges — climate change, biodiversity loss and threats to human health — lie in nature, Re:wild has always known conservation action is the key to preserving life on Earth. And we have the data to show it.

"We have to invest in things that work and stop investing in the things that work against us and the planet."

Dr. Penny Langhammer, Re:wild Executive Vice President

The world needs a comprehensive global conservation program.

Previous studies have estimated a comprehensive global conservation program would require an investment between US$178 billion and US$524 billion, focused primarily in countries with high levels of biodiversity. If that number seems steep, it should only further drive home the cost of inaction and the value of what's stake.

How about a little perspective?

In 2022, global fossil fuel handouts were US$7 trillion. This is roughly 13 times the highest amount needed annually to protect and restore the planet.

Conservation impact in the Congo Basin.

In the Congo Basin, deforestation was 74% lower in logging concessions under a conservation-backed Forest Management Plan (FMP) compared to concessions without an FMP.

Conservation impact in the Brazilian Amazon.

In the Brazilian Amazon, deforestation rates and fire density were shown to be significantly reduced in protected areas and Indigenous lands. Outside reserve perimeters, deforestation was 1.7 to 20 times higher and human-caused fires occurred four to nine times more frequently.

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The positive impact of conservation action.

First-of-its-kind study shows that conservation actions can halt and reverse biodiversity loss.

Our Impact

Re:wild works with 500+ partners in more than 80 countries to create real-world impact.

We don’t need to reinvent the planet; we need to rewild it.

The solution to our carbon emissions problem isn’t a new technology that sucks carbon from the air. It’s an ancient one—nearly 4 billion years old, in fact. It is the wild.

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity — the diversity of life on Earth, and a missing link in the climate conversation.


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As an organization founded to restore and protect the wild, we have long advocated that biodiversity is the most effective solution to the climate crisis.