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Video: Harlequin Toads—the jewels of the Neotropics

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Re:wild protects and restores the wild. We have a singular and powerful focus: the wild as the most effective solution to the interconnected climate, biodiversity and pandemic crises.

Founded by a group of renowned conservation scientists together with Leonardo DiCaprio, Re:wild is a force multiplier that brings together Indigenous peoples, local communities, influential leaders, nongovernmental organizations, governments, companies and the public to protect and rewild at the scale and speed we need. Our vital work has protected and conserved more than 180 million acres benefitting more than 16,000 species in the world’s most irreplaceable places for biodiversity.

We don’t need to reinvent the planet. We need to rewild it—for all wildkind.


Harlequin Toads

Though sometimes only the size of your thumb, these amphibians dazzle with gorgeous colors and patterns seen only in the rivers and streams of Central and South America. They walk instead of hop, and wave hello to potential mates. Harlequin toads are also important parts of key ecosystems.

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180+ million acres actively conserved

47 conservation areas created

100 threatened species actively conserved

16,000+ species benefitting

400+ partners in 88 countries

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