Ziggy Marley


    Ziggy Marley is a Grammy Award-winning musician, Reggae icon, and environmental and social activist. We first met Ziggy during a push to protect Jamaican Iguanas, which had been threatened by the development of a massive port on the Goat Islands in the heart of the Bight Protected Area. This port could have meant the end of the iguana and other native animals, and didn’t bode well for the 271 plant species there either. While environmental groups mobilized around bringing lawsuits and getting petitions signed, Ziggy lent his voice and support to the effort. In 2016, these efforts prevailed and Bight—and the iguanas—were left alone.   

    Hatchling Jamaican Iguana, Cyclura collei, with palmetto in background in Portland Bight Protected Area, Jamaica. Photo by Robin Moore.