Varad Giri, Ph.D.



    Ph.D., Zoology, North Orissa University.,M.S., Entomology, Shivaji University.,B.S., Zoology, Shivaji University.

    Dr. Varad Giri mainly works on the conservation of caecilians and lizards of the Western Ghats, India. His work is mainly focused on conducting intensive surveys in less explored areas to understand the diversity, distribution and conservation issues of the species and their habitats. One of the difficulties in effective conservation initiatives is unstable taxonomy of amphibians and reptiles in this region. One of the important outcomes of these explorations over the last decade is that they lead to new species descriptions, taxonomic revisions and designation of new and proper taxonomic keys, which can be used in the future by researchers and conservation organizations. Varad also wishes to digitize the type specimens and relative data of amphibians and reptiles from India which are deposited in western museums. This will lead to a big breakthrough for people engaged in taxonomic studies in India as this material is difficult to access for various reasons. Varad Giri is a taxonomist and is and specialized in taxonomy of caecilians of the Western Ghats and Indian Geckos. He is intensively working on the documentation of herpetofauna of the northern Western Ghats for the last decade. This area is grossly understudied and considered unsuitable for amphibians and reptiles. But Varad’s findings prove that this particular landscape, which has wide array of habitat diversity, supports a unique diversity of amphibians and reptiles. The unique habitat features like high altitude and coastal rocky plateaus are unique to this region. This entire landscape, though part of the Western Ghats is highly fragmented and under tremendous anthropogenic pressure. This is leading to the serious conservation issues of certain habitat species and endemic species of this region. Varad mainly work on documentation of species diversity of amphibians and reptiles and their distribution in the Western Ghats. This study mainly composed of intensive field surveys covering various habitats and seasons, proper taxonomy using modern taxonomic tools and designating this knowledge to respective agency for effective conservation. He does his work on caecilians with experts like Drs. Mark Wilkinson and David Gower of Natural History Museum, London. His work on taxonomy of geckos is mostly in collaboration with Dr. Aaron Bauer of Villanova University, USA. This entire effort has already resulted in the description of about 2 new genera and 25 new species of amphibians and reptiles from India. The ongoing work may also result in equal number of new additions. Apart from this much of his work also deals with proper taxonomic assessment of various endemic species of amphibians and reptiles from India. One of the potential contributions is the study on caecilians of the northern Western Ghats and development of taxonomic key to the genus Hemidactylus of India. He also work with local NGOs, respective forest department personnel and local community to disseminate the knowledge for the effective conservation of species and its habitat. Recently some of the areas in the northern Western Ghats are included in World Heritage Sites and Varad was instrumental in this entire process. He feels that the type specimens are many species of Indian amphibians and reptiles are in the western Museums. For a taxonomist in India accessing this material is difficult because they do not have such huge funding to visit these museums. This is resulting in wrong identification and wrong species descriptions which is of a grave conservation concern. To mitigate this problem, he wishes to digitize these type specimens and their respective taxonomic data. This entire data and respective images will be freely available in open forum so that taxonomists in India will have an virtual access to the type specimens.

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