Oliver Stark

Actor and activist

"Coming to the realization that nothing recharges me quite the way nature does only makes my desire to give back and help the environment continue to grow. There is no higher calling than helping preserve the world around us."

Oliver, best known for his work on FOX's hit drama 9-1-1, is a vegan of five years and a keen animal rights activist. He found his way into veganism when he moved to California from London and began to educate himself on the truths of the animal agriculture industry and its environmental impact.

In April 2022, Oliver was a part of a group of ambassadors who joined Re:wild in LA to learn more about connecting with the wild and how we can all take the magic of rewilding into our own hands.

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Wild Facts

  • Oliver has a birthmark on his left eye and is asked almost everyday if he's been punched in the face.

  • Oliver was born in 1991 in London, England and moved to California at the age of 24.

  • A big motivation for staying fit and strong is to bust the myth that a plant based diet hinders athletic performance.