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Lauren Ritchie is a 19-year-old climate activist, writer, podcast host, and student from The Bahamas studying Sustainable Development at Columbia University. She is the creator of The Eco Justice Project, a digital platform that educates on global climate justice, promotes intersectional climate action, and seeks to make sustainable living more accessible and inclusive by amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. She is also a writer and content strategist for Brown Girl Green, a Youth Ambassador for Plastic Pollution Coalition, and the co-host of the podcast Black Girl Blueprint, a platform to center the voices and celebrate the accomplishments of young Black women in a vast array of fields. She is also the creator of Columbia Climate Conversations, a panel series in partnership with Columbia University’s Earth Institute that invites well-known activists to speak on topics ranging from intersectional environmentalism to disability awareness.

“The reason why I, and so many other environmentalists of color, continue to expel our time and energy into a field that often feels like it wasn’t made for our voices and stories is that we are fighting for our communities and our loved ones. For many of us, the existential threat posed by the ongoing climate emergency is not simply a distant threat or a rumor of impending doom—it is already here.”

- Lauren Ritchie

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