Nat Kelley

Re:wild Ambassador

“Humans have the potential to be a keystone species in the ecosystem. But that is why we need to learn from Indigenous people. We need them to teach us about subsistence, how to live off the land, teach us how to live according to the seasons, how to live in harmony with that ecosystem.”

- Nat Kelley

Team Re:wild member Nathalie Kelley was born in Peru and raised in Australia by her Indigenous mother and grandmother. After working with street children in São Paulo, Brazil and Aborginal inner-city youth in Redfern, Australia, she began her degree in Social Science and Policy at the University of UNSW.

Not long after, she started to work as an actress in film and television in the US, with notable roles in shows like Unreal, Dynasty and most recently as the star of ABC’s The Baker and the Beauty.

Despite this change of course, she remained inwardly mindful of her privilege and responsibility to her Indigenous heritage and people. After the 2019 fires in the Amazon and Australia, Nathalie experienced a shift in consciousness that led her to drastically change not just her lifestyle, but the way she engaged with social media. She worked to become an advocate for Indigenous peoples, regenerative agriculture, the soil and the undervalued but invaluable role of fungi in our ecosystem.

Nathalie is now committed to using her storytelling skills to be a voice for the voiceless — creating narratives of hope around the power of nature to regenerate and heal and the integral part humans have to play in this process. Nathalie is on the board of Kiss the Ground and the Fungi Foundation.