Mark Vins

CEO and Founder, Brave Wilderness

Frogs are some of my favorite animals, did you know that? This trip to Ecuador really made my entire year.

- Mark Vins

As the CEO and co-founder of Brave Wilderness, Mark has been able to drive support for wildlife conservation efforts by educating and inspiring his 19M subscriber audience to action. By exploring the world to understand the earth’s most interesting creatures and natural phenomenons, the Brave Wilderness channel has skyrocketed in popularity on YouTube, reaching over 4 billion views and making the company the digital leader in the wildlife and nature space.

Mark’s goal for Brave Wilderness is to revolutionize how people learn and interact with the natural world by becoming the epicenter of animal and adventure-based entertainment. The journey to achieve Brave Wilderness’ conservation goals began when Mark met Coyote Peterson at The Ohio State University. The two shared a vision to inspire people around the world to understand and protect the earth’s delicate ecosystems, and make the most wild parts of the world accessible through video. Mark’s creative talents, along with his passion for adventure and filmmaking have led him to direct and host hundreds of hours of wildlife and adventure videos over the past decade. He is currently filming a co-production project with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way, that focuses and activates impact for frontline conservation groups around the globe.

Mark supports the Re:wild team by amplifying their global sustainability initiatives through documentaries, YouTube videos, social media campaigns, and fundraising efforts.