Karl Campbell

Director of Latin America Islands, Re:wild


    Ph.D. in Vertebrate Pest Management,  University of Queensland, Gatton

    Bachelor of Applied Science: Natural Systems and Wildlife Management, University of Queensland, Gatton College    

    Karl lives in the Galápagos Islands and has spent the vast majority of his career implementing island rewilding projects, primarily in Latin America. His interests include transforming human-wildlife conflicts through co-design of holistic solutions with communities, identifying, developing and deploying innovative solutions to reduce the costs and increase feasibility of projects, implementing financing mechanisms and taking projects to scale. He is now working with local partners on a ridge-to-reef rewilding initiative spanning the Pacific coast of Latin America, from Mexico to Chile.  

    Wild Facts

    • Karl was part of a rewilding project on Santiago Island where the most recent action was the reintroduction of approximately 10 tonnes of Galapagos land iguanas, some 2,000 individuals. Land iguanas had gone locally extinct on Santiago Island because of now removed invasive species, and Charles Darwin was one of the last to see hundreds of land iguanas on the island in 1835.