Jaime Culebras



Bsc Biology

MSc. in Environmental Education

MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation of Tropical Areas

Atelopus laetissimus, Colombia

Team Re:wild researcher and photographer Jaime Culebras is toadally addicted to amphibians.

When Jaime encountered his first #HarlequinToad - or Atelopus - eight years ago in Ecuador, he fell in love. Ever since, he has been on a mission to document this beautiful and enigmatic group of toads across Central and South America.

Jaime has photographed 26 harlequin toad species to date (including the eight pictured), with aspirations to photograph all 99 known species, as well as the scientists and communities working to protect and recover them.

Jaime is an active member of the Atelopus Survival Initiative, a collaboration among more than 40 organizations including Re:wild, and we are grateful for his commitment to these jewels of the forest.

"Biodiversity is a beautiful and solid net, with innumerable and intricate interactions amongst the species and the environment, that keeps this world in balance so that we are safe. If we break it, we will be condemning our own existence. And we're already running out of time".

Atelopus hoogmoedi