Futsum Hagos Gebremariam



    MSc, Conservation of Biology, University of Nairobi, Kenya. ,Bachelor’s, Land Resource & Environmental Studies, the University of Asmara.,Diploma, Wildlife Management, the College of African Wildlife Management, Tanzania.,Certificate, General Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture Training Center, Asmara, Eritre.

    Futsum Hagos is director of wildlife conservation and development for the nation of Eritrea, a position that he has held since 2013. Prior to this, he received his bachelor of science from the University of Asmara and began work as coordinator of national protected areas, which included planning, coordinating, supervising and monitoring wildlife activities. Soon after graduating from the College of African Wildlife Management in 1996 in Tanzania, Futsum was assigned the role of forestry and wildlife expert. The following year he was assigned to work in the Northern Red Sea region, where his main duties included coordinating forestry and wildlife conservation activities with a focus on population dynamics of wildlife in general and the African Wild Ass in particular.

    MSc Thesis on African Wild Ass population distribution and genetics in Danakil Depression, Eritrea,Publication on reassessing the evolutionary history of ass-like equids: Insights from patterns of genetic variation in contemporary extant populations, journal on Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.,Thesis Project for BSc:  Human and Wildlife Conflict and Possible Solutions in Zoba Gash Barka  (Eritrea) 2004,Thesis Project for Advanced Diploma:  Habitat Preference by Impala In Lake Manyara National Park (Tanzania) 1996