Carrie Stengel

Data And Metrics Manager


M.Sc., Primate Conservation, Oxford Brookes University,B.A., Anthropology, University of Colorado at Boulder

Carrie Stengel visualizes programatic and species conservation data for a range of purposes and audiences. Connected with visualization is a focus on creating efficient systems of collecting monitoring and evaluation data to determine and track conservation impact. Prior to joining GWC, Carrie was a Data Visualization Specialist at the WWF, working on global tiger conservation. Carrie’s interest in wildlife conservation started early, growing up in the Pacific Northwest. It took shape through schooling in physical anthropology and primate conservation and an internship with TRAFFIC in Southeast Asia. During her MSc Carrie learned GIS mapping, and while researching and writing in her internship, she grew increasingly curious about combining maps with graphics and text to better communicate results. After joining WWF, visualization became a key focus and she’s been working to improve her abilities ever since. When she can get off her computer she goes for a hike with her dog Buster.

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