Barney Long, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Conservation Strategies


Ph.D., Biodiversity Management, DICE, University of Kent at Canterbury

B.S. Zoology, University of Bristol

Dr. Barney Long works on the conservation of endangered mammal species and the thematic approaches required to achieve the recovery of their populations. He has worked extensively on Saola, Sumatran and Javan Rhino, Tiger, Gibbons, Doucs and a host of other species across the world. A focus of his work is protected area management effectiveness and the prevention of poaching.

Prior to joining Re:wild, Dr. Barney Long led the Species Program at WWF-US. Barney started his career in Southeast Asia exploring the region during baseline biodiversity inventory surveys and searching for presumed extinct primates. Initially using community-based and protected area approaches to conserve species, he expanded to the integration of species conservation within wider landscape and socio-economic development processes on which he conducted his doctoral research.

A key interest of Barney’s is how to raise the quality of implementation at scale through developing thematic approaches to improving protected area management effectiveness, the prevention of poaching, and species conservation and recovery planning. Barney is also a strong believer in the power of partnerships for conservation and works extensively with the IUCN Species Survival Commission, the SMART, Conservation Assured, and Zero Poaching partnerships.

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