Aditi Mayer

Sustainable fashion blogger, photojournalist, labor rights activist, ADIMAY

“Understanding the interconnected nature of oppression will help us realize the interconnected nature of liberation.”

Aditi Mayer is the sustainable fashion blogger behind She is a photojournalist, labor rights activist, and frequent speaker on topics of social and environmental justice. Her work looks at fashion and culture through a lens of intersectionality and decolonization.

In April 2022, Aditi was a part of a group of ambassadors who joined Re:wild in LA to learn more about connecting with the wild and how we can all take the magic of rewilding into our own hands.

In 2014, Aditi had her start in the sustainable fashion movement after learning about the Rana Plaza Factory Collapse. Seeing the fashion industry’s disproportionate affect on people of color globally, Aditi looked to understand the historical and sociopolitical underpinnings that allow the fashion industry to function in a colonial manner, rooted in exploitation and extraction of both labor and the natural environment. Since then, she has become a voice in the larger sustainability movement, approaching her work from multiple domains: from grassroots organizing in Downtown LA’s garment district to educating folks on the importance of diverse perspectives.

Wild Facts

  • Went skydiving, first parachute did not open

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