Rapid Response

As wildfires burn hotter and faster, COVID-19 leaves the planet’s most important places for wildlife unprotected, and storms become more severe, there is an urgent need to halt and reverse the decline of nature. Rapid Response for Ecosystems, Species and Communities Undergoing Emergencies (Rapid RESCUE)—established by Re:wild and the European Union—is set up to do just that. 

Rapid RESCUE provides a rapid response to emerging biodiversity threats that require immediate attention or relief in order to prevent catastrophic or irreversible damage to critical ecosystems and wildlife species. The initiative focuses on reducing the impacts of emergencies—like those caused by the current pandemic—on ecosystems vital to the planet’s health, protected areas and surrounding vulnerable communities. This also includes responding to wildfires, hurricanes, species extinction threats and other emergencies. 

A Recent History of Rapid Response

Re:wild’s past rapid response initiatives include supporting local partners in the Amazon both in the midst of the 2019 catastrophic fires and during the pandemic this year, as well as supporting local partners in Australia during and after the bushfires in late 2019 and early 2020. In addition, Re:wild has provided emergency funding for hurricane relief to local conservation rangers in The Bahamas, Nicaragua and Honduras, and teamed up with the EU to send emergency support to Virunga National Park in 2020 and 2021 in response to the murders of park rangers by armed militia.

One hundred percent of your donations will go toward providing critical, timely support to our partners on the ground responding to environmental emergencies and imminent threats to high-value ecosystems, wildlife and communities who depend upon them.



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