namdapha flying squirrel

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namdapha flying squirrel
Scientific Name: BISWAMOYOPTERUS BISWASILast Seen: 1981 IN INDIAYear Found: TBDYears Lost: 38Red List Status: Critically Endangered

The Namdapha Flying Squirrel is only known with certainty from a single individual collected in Namdapha National Park, the largest protected area in the Eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot, at altitudes of between 100 and 350 meters above sea level. Although researchers have surveyed the surrounding area for the flying squirrel, there have not been any verified sightings of the species. Scientists believe this lost species occurs in dry deciduous montane forests along streams, and may be restricted to the area of a single valley within the Namdapha National Park. This is an arboreal species that is likely most active at dusk.



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