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Threats to Amazonia

In recent years, threats to Amazonia have intensified. Illegal logging, dams, fires, mining, agriculture (including cattle ranching and soybean farming to feed the cattle) are running rampant in every Amazon country. Even as Indigenous peoples and their allies protect their land, governments are considering opening those lands to extractive industries. And forest fires are burning hotter and faster, in part because of the result of the drier microclimate that comes with deforestation.  

The Re:wild Solution

Re:wild supports more than 35 partners in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Suriname to protect Amazonia. Our work is conserving more than 99.8 million acres of protected areas and contributing support to land titling efforts for 120 Indigenous communities over 5.9 million acres. 

Girls play around a canoe at sunset in the Napo river of Amazonian Ecuador

Join Coldplay, Re:wild and Global Citizen to Protect the Amazon

Coldplay has an impressive record of supporting the Brazilian Amazon. In 2021, the band supported the creation of a new protected area in the state of Pará. They have also effectively called for Brazilian lawmakers to commit to a number of actions to conserve the Amazon. And, for every ticket sold on their current tour in Brazil, Coldplay will have a tree planted.

Re:wild is proud to be partnering withe Global Citizen, Rede Pró UC, and Menos 1 Lixo to protect the Brazilian Amazon.

YOU can make a difference too! By supporting Re:wild, you support protection and restoration efforts in the Amazon and beyond.

We don't need to reinvent the planet.

We need to rewild it.

Amazon - João Paulo Krajewski
Amazon - otter
Amazon - river
Amazon - bird
Amazon - jaguar
Joao Paulo Krajewski - Monkey
Amazon - tree

Photo credits: Robin Moore, João Paulo Krajewski, Rudimar Cipriani, Luiza Ferraz, Marcos Amend