Re:wild Your Life

Photo by Lisovskaya Natalia
Photo by Lisovskaya Natalia

Every day, rainforests are cut down to create space for more livestock and the crops that feed them. 

By harnessing the power of plants and fungi to rewild your diet, you can reduce demand for meat from livestock, help protect forests AND restore the wild. Eating more plants is the best thing you can do to help protect the wild that’s left and restore the rest. 

Step 1: Let the wild rule your fridge.

Stock up on your favorite fruits, veggies and mushrooms. 

Step 2: Put your health first.

Say goodbye to high cholesterol and indigestion, and hellooooo fiber. Prepare to be regular — the way Mother Nature intended. 

Step 3: What the @$#! is a tuber?  

Learn more about the plant-based options available to you. There’s a whole WORLD of greens and roots and fungi out there. We challenge you to expand your cooking skills (and have some people who can help you listed below).

Step 4: Think Local

Do you know where your avocados come from? Are those cherries in season where you live? Try to buy and shop local as much as you’re able. 

Step 5:  Rinse & Repeat 

Help the wild recover, protect rainforests and reduce global meat demand by repeating steps 1 - 5. PS: don’t forget to rinse your veggies. 

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