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Save the Okavango

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The Okavango Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage site and an ecological wonderland so vast it is visible from space. This region encompasses Key Biodiversity Areas and sustains nearly one million Indigenous and local people by providing clean water, food, livelihoods and places to live. 

The Okavango watershedRegion is also home to some of the world’s most threatened wildlife, and the stomping grounds of the largest remaining herd of elephants on Earth. This is a desert ecosystem prone to drought. There is already too little water to spare; the cost of polluting what remains is too high. 

Re:wild stands with the people of the Okavango River Basin, who depend on the health of the watershed for their survival, and hope that you will too. ReconAfrica is poised to pollute their farms and destroy a beautiful landscape--one that benefits all life on Earth-- forever. Join us by signing the open letter. Together, we can #SaveTheOkavango. 

For all wildkind.