Iberá Wildfire Fund

Iberá National Park is on fire, causing incalculable losses to biodiversity. You can help!

As one of South America’s largest wetlands is scorched in wildfires, local communities that depend on the park for their livelihoods, the park’s recently revitalized biodiversity, and the entire ecosystem is under threat. 

The historic fires, which started in mid-February, have already torn through over 180,000 acres (74,000 hectares) of northeastern Argentina’s Iberá National Park--almost 40% of the entire park--which is home to Endangered Maned Wolves and Strange-tailed Tyrants, Marsh Deer, the Crowned Eagle and a high diversity of Paraná fish.

The park also harbors a number of animals that Re:wild partner Rewilding Argentina has introduced back to their native habitat, including Giant Anteaters, Jaguars, Collared Peccaries and Pampas Deer.

Iberá National Park overlaps with a number of Key Biodiversity Areas, which are critical to the persistence of biodiversity on Earth and therefore play an important role in the overall health of the planet.

Fire crews from Rewilding Argentina, the Province of Corrientes, Argentine National Parks and other organizations are battling the out-of-control fires affecting wildlife and trying to prevent damage to wildlife and their grassland, forests and wetland habitats.

You can help!

Make a donation today to support Rewilding Argentina in their urgent efforts to fight the fire and, once the fires are under control, restore the ecosystem and prevent future climate-change driven threats to this critical ecosystem. 

For additional ways you can help, visit https://rewildingargentina.org/ [En Español]