Join the movement


We're so glad you're here and want to join us in our fight to eliminate synthetic pesticides from landcare. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

Ground Up Advocacy Bootcamp

Our Ground Up Advocacy Bootcamp is a cutting-edge training intentionally built for emerging community leaders. This two-day program emphasizes coalition building, multimedia training, campaign strategy, and volunteer recruitment in addition to herbicide-specific education. The Bootcamp takes a look at pesticides and their impacts on human and environmental health, all while providing participants with the advocacy and organizing skills to enact change in their communities. Participants walk away with a deeper understanding of toxic chemicals, what it means to rewild spaces, the intersection of human and environmental health, and how these issues tie back to social justice and climate change. Bootcamps take place biannually in the summer and winter. Put your name on the list here so you will be the first on to know when our next Bootcamp is coming up!

Become an advocate in your community

If you want to support advocacy efforts at a school attended by family or in your local community, email us at

Push your alma mater to do better

We encourage you to send this message to your alma mater to push them to go organic and apply to our Green Grounds Certification program. If you’re an alumni interested in supporting a pilot project at your alma mater, reach out to us at

Support our youth-led movement.